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Open Arms outreach international, inc.

Enhancing Quality of Life Through Outreach

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Our Recent Work

Warm Blanket Drive, Mt. Zion High School

Congrats to Teen Volunteer Kameron Willis(Morehouse student) who just won a 25K Beyonce academic scholarship! Keep Rocking! Your Open Arms Outreach Family!

Our Recent Work

Warm Blanket Drive, Mt. Zion High School

Teens Helping Teens Online June, 2018 Broadcast!

Welcome to our online home.  Open Arms Outreach International is proud to serve the Georgia community and neighboring states in need.  Our motto is to enhance quality of life through outreach. Open Arms has been around since 2006, starting on Church Street in Riverdale, Georgia(now located in Fayetteville/Jonesboro, GA.

Our current anchor programs are:

Christian Marital Assessments of Atlanta

where we are dedicated to offering support through God fearing, marital coaching/ counsel, advisement and support and a list of many other services. Minimal, sliding scale fees are requested for this program.   

Warm Blankets for the Homeless

 Blankets are collected yearly to be delivered in the winter months for individuals who are sleeping on the sidewalks, parks and alley ways of our state.

Sunday Spiritual Enrichment Program

People from all walks of life come together to fellowship and become encouraged to change their current circumstances.  We sing, eat, rejoice, embrace and most of all love on each other. The goal, to leave better than we came. 

Planned Programs
Prayer Academy (adult, knowledge base learning online)

Veterans Training

Senior Workshops

Teen Safe Haven

Community Garden and Homestead

**Please see our wish list to see how you can help us reach our goals in 2017

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